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Hogswatch 2013


Join us on the 29th November - 1st December for our famous Hogswatch festivities in Wincanton, Somerset, and celebrate 30 glorious years of Discworld in Ankh-Morpork's own twin town.

The weekend's merriments will include a Night Before Hogswatch soiree on Friday night, Unseen University Hogswatch lectures, theatrical entertainments, activities for little folk, Grand Charity Auction, traditional Sausage Supper and, if you've been good little boys and girls, a visitation from a certain Hogfather - all held in venues throughout the town in the company of fellow fans Discworld dignitaries. For a full programme of the weekend's click the 'What's On' button below.

Hogswatch is a delightfully informal gathering that is (mostly) free to attend, but be mindful that you will have to source your own accommodation -  click the 'Where to Stay' button below for ideas on where to rest your head.

How to find us - we're on Google Maps, where you'll find directions, public transport infomation and more to aid you in your journey.