The Discworld Emporium has been 'Going Postal' since 2004 when Terry enlisted us to create the very stamps designed by Moist Von Lipwig in the book itself. Our designs were commisioned to illustrate the hardback edition, and we produced an exclusive First Day Cover for Waterstones and publishers Transworld.
In 2004 Terry appointed our shop as an official branch of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office with exclusive rights to produce 'real' Discworld Stamps as part of our range, and the first stamps off the press were perforated by Terry himself at Bath Postal Museum.

Hundreds of designs and thousands of stamps later, Discworld Stamps have become a fantasy merchandise phenomenon, featuring contributions by guests artists including Paul Kidby, Joe McLaren, David Wyatt and Peter Dennis. Our stamps are even held in the British Library Philatelic collection.

We offer an ever changing range of postal ephemera, from single stamps and whole sheets, to commemorative artefacts and lucky dip envelopes - all paying fond homage to a first class book and the hobby of stamp collecting! So embrace your inner Stanley Howler and browse our current collection, or for a more detailed peek into the history of Discworld Stamps, click the link below!

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    Official Discworld Stamp

    Observe the flora and fauna of Fourecks from the safety of your stamp collection with the official XXXX Discworld Stamp from Terry Pratchett's The Last Continent!

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    Official Discworld Stamp

    Official Discworld Stamp from the People's Beneficent Republic of Agatea, featuring the Last Emperor Ghenghiz Cohen contemplating the barbarian life he left behind. This 'Auriental' issue is inspired by Katushika Hokusai's The Great Wave and the Willow Pattern!

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    Limited Edition Festive Stamps!

    HAPPY HOGSWATCH FROM THE ANKH-MORPORK POST OFFICE!A limited edition presentation sheet of Hogswatch postage stamps from the Ankh-Morpork Post Office! This year's offerings feature three beautiful stamps celebrating the theme 'Letters to the Hogfather' illustrated by David Wyatt & printed by Teemer & Spools!

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    Official Discworld Stamp

    As we all know, Soul Cake Tuesday falls on the first Tuesday after the first Half Moon of Sektober. To celebrate this annual event the Ankh-Morpork Post Office has released its very first Soul Cake Duck postage stamp!

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    Official Discworld Stamp

    A lively stamp issue from Discworld's bustling market town as featured in Terry Pratchett's Equal Rites, Raising Steam, and Mrs Bradshaw's Guidebook!

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    Avoid missing out on those popular limited editions with the purchase of an LBE Season Ticket! Choose from 6 or 11 issues and we'll reserve one of every LBE each time a new edition is released for the duration of your ticket!

    £ 30.00
Showing 49 - 54 of 54 items

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