Adorn your shelves with precious collectables, models and figurines from Terry Pratchett's Discworld, featuring our favourite characters and creations lovingly made by proper craftsmen!



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  • £ 5.00 Out of stock

    "Truth! Justice! Freedom! Reasonably Priced Love! And a Hard-Boiled Egg!" Pay tribute to the Glorious 25th of May and the boys of the Treacle Mine Road barricade with a commemorative egg!

    £ 5.00
  • £ 25.00 Out of stock

    Miniature Replica

    A sword to reap royal souls, slice shadows and cut through air, sound and time! As featured in Terry Pratchett's Mort and Hogfather, wielded by Death, Mort and Susan this magnificent miniature replica of Death's regal reaping tool is a must-have addition to any geek shelf!

    £ 25.00
  • £ 10.00 Out of stock

    Bag of five!

    Treat yourself to a sausage-inna-bun or two with an authentic bag of Discworld coins from the streets and pockets of Ankh-Morpork, presented in a Royal Bank fo Ankh-Morpork money bag!

    £ 10.00
Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items

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