Official Discworld distractions and pastimes to entertain and delight the most playful Terry Pratchett fan! Add a splash of the Colour of Magic to Paul Kidby's Discworld Colouring Book, perplex yourself with a Discworld Jigsaw puzzle, paint your own Discworld models, or prepare for battle with the original Discworld board game Thud...



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    Shade in the Shades, add fifty shades of brown to the River Ankh or a splash of the colour of magic with our giant colouring map of the Big Wahoonie! Keep itas a stylish black and white art print or make a blot on the landscape with colouring pencil or pen!

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     Strategic puzzle game based on Discworld's "Clacks" semaphore messaging system, as featured in Sir Terry Pratchett's novel Going Postal!Play against your friends and claim the title of Fastest Clacks Operator on the line, or play together as a team to win the race against the Post Office across the Discworld in this strategic puzzle game from the makers...

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    The Original Discworld Board game!

    The original Discworld board game, older than the book itself! Thud is a strategic game based on the ancient struggle between Dwarf and Troll, and the earlier dwarfish game of Hnaflbaflsniflwhifltafl! This travel edition features cloth board and carved-bone-finish pieces sculpted by Bernard Pearson, plus an exclusive treatise penned for the game by Sir...

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Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items

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