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Come and discover the original bricks and mortar Discworld shop, founded by Sir Terry Pratchett and Bernard & Isobel Pearson in beautiful Somerset – land of Cheddar cheese and cider apples, where the ancient barrow-pimpled landscape will transport you to the Chalk, along the Terry Pratchett trail from Salisbury, and Terry’s homestead in Broad Chalke.

When you visit the Emporium you’ll be at the heart of a fandom, treading where the author himself wandered, brandy glass in hand. A place where cunning plans were hatched, sparks of magic were made, and friendships forged between author, fans and makers.

A stone’s throw from the attractions of Stonehenge, Longleat, Glastonbury and Wells, the Emporium is a cosy and magical place where you can find the complete collection of Terry’s books, mingle with fellow fans, and find a wealth of products and ephemera that bring the characters and concepts of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld to life.

 When visiting or contacting the Discworld Emporium you’ll likely be greeted by one of our founding members or directors - those who knew and worked with Terry – the same people who design our wares, run our website and ship your orders.  We love meeting with fans to share and exchange stories of the great man, and hope to preserve the heritage of Discworld fandom and community and keep the turtle moving long into the future!

Opening Hours

It goes without saying that the Emporium is no ordinary shop. From our humble store in Wincanton, we also run our global mail order business and design house.

We are therefore closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays to tackle vital stuff like mailorder, marketing, website work, and to get all our lovely merchandise designed & created.

Thank you for your understanding!

Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 
10:00am - 4:00pm

Wednesday and Thursday 

By appointment only, please phone us in advance

Bank Holidays 
Normally we're closed. Any excuse to put our feet up.

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