The Lancre 3p and 6p

Official Discworld Stamps from the Kingdom of Lancre featuring the royal profiles of Queen Consort Magrat Garlick and His Majesty King Verence II!

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From Discworld's Ramtop mountain kingdom, home of Terry Pratchett's most infamous witches, this fairytale issue boasts three beautiful stamps illustrated by Discworld artist David Wyatt.

Each sheet features two different thruppence issues, depicting Magrat Garlick and King Verence respectively, and a handsome sixpence issue featuring the Lancrastrian royal couple side by side.

Traditionally printed on authentic gummed stamp paper & perforated by hand. Available as a set of three single stamps, or in beautiful whole sheets.

3p stamp measure 30 x 40mm, 6p stamp measures 49 x 40mm , sheet measures 205 x 2744mm

Spot the sport! TWO stamps on every sheet contains a 'deliberate' mistake or variation - only included on whole sheets or in lucky LBEs

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