The "Pain In Ze Neck" LBE

 A limited edition lucky-dip assortment of Discworld Stamps inspired by Dave's Pin & Stamp Exchange! This latest 'Little Brown Envelope' introduces new issues from the mysterious mountainous region of Uberwald - home to vampires, werewolves, Igors dwarfs, trolls and centaurs!

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Every LBE in this edition contains the Uberwald 30 Bizot featuring Dontgonearthe Castle, and the super-limited edition Uberwald 60 Bizot Coffin - otherwise only available in beautiful whole coffin-shaped sheets while stocks last!

Each envelope also contains a random assortment of current Discworld Stamps, and a generous scattering of sport variants including Blue Triangles, Clacks-o-grams and Dead Letter labels waiting to be found in lucky envelopes.

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