The Hersheba 1 Dong

Official Discworld Stamp from Discworld's country of Hersheba, hostile neighbour to Klatch on the Rimwards edge of the Circle sea, and home of the famously calorific 'Hershebar' sweetmeat snack!

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The Hersheba 1 Dong is an exotic flatelic offering featuring the local fauna and religious architecture of this desert region.

Traditionally printed on authentic gummed stamp paper & perforated by hand. Available singly or in beautiful whole sheets for decoration or collection.

Sheet Measures 126 x 137mm, stamp measures 25 x 35mm.

Spot the sport! One stamp on every sheet contains a 'deliberate' mistake or variation - only included on whole sheets or in lucky LBEs

Hersheba was conceived on Alt.Fan.Pratchett newsgroup in 1992 when Terry described having to explain the reference for 'Djelibeybi'... 
"[...] say Djelibeybi OUT LOUD -- I must have had twenty letters (and one or two emails) from people who didn't twig until the third time round... oh god... do they have them in the US? Should it have been called Emmenemms, or Hersheba... hmm, Hersheba... could USE that, yes, little country near Ephebe..."

Hersheba went on to be mentioned in The Discworld Mapp, Soul Music, Thief of Time, The Discworld Companion and The Compleat Discworld Atlas!

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