Ankh-Morpork: A Fiendishly Difficult Discworld Jigsaw Puzzle!

Ankh-Morpork, city of one thousand surprises - now in a thousand puzzling pieces! See the city unfold before your very eyes, but only if they can take the strain!

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Featuring artwork from The Compleat Ankh-Morpork, this fiendishly difficult Discworld puzzle is a must for any jigsaw collector and Pratchett fan.
Health warning; side effects may include head scratching, wall climbing and mild bouts of luncacy - but the view is worth it!

'Compleated' puzzle measures 66 x 50cm, made in the UK


Our production procedures safeguard against missing pieces, so please allow a few days of searching before declaring a piece missing! It's easy to misplace a puzzle piece, so thoroughly check the packaging and any rooms used for opening, constructing, transporting or storing the jigsaw puzzle, and note that they are easily attached to clothing, pets and children.
This puzzle contains pieces of the same shape with similar imagery. If you are left with pieces that appear not to fit please double and triple check the puzzle to make sure that all of the pieces you've placed belong where they are.

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