Discworld Roleplaying Game

Create your own Discworld Story and collaborate with friends to create detailed characters and unique adventures! Steve Jackson's table-top RPG is back, with a brand-new Discworld magic system, things from the Dungeon Dimensons ...and a thousand elephants!

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What better way to immerse yourself in Discworld (apart from reading the books) than with Roleplay!
 Each player operates a character to explore, fight, trade or converse their way around Discworld. Players follow the rules and systems outlined in the book by the Generic Universal Roleplaying System (GURPS) as guided by a designated a GM (games master).

The original Discworld Roleplaying game was released in 1998, followed by a companion volume 'GURPS Discworld Also'. This new book is a complete roleplaying game containing the full rules for GURPS fourth edition. It combines material from both earlier Discworld GURPS works along with wealth of hilarious reference material from the latest Discworld novels, updated rules and a brand new magic system.

Containing 408 pages written by Terry Pratchett and Phil Masters with illustrations by Paul Kidby and Sean Murray, this hefty tome is suitable for seasoned roleplayers, but can also enjoyed as an introductory roadmap through Discworld!

Requires at least three six-sided dice, pencils, scratch paper and a GM (games master) to play.

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