Discworld Ookmarks! - Set Two

Treat your 'shelf' to books with more character with our set of five Discworld bookmarks featuring a cast of Discworld denizens comprising the Patrician Lord Havelock Vetinari, Nanny Ogg, Sam Vimes, Moist Von Lipwig & Rincewind the Wizzard - for pages with personality!

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Create a scene on your bookshelves with our exclusive Discworld bookmarks, each stunningly illustrated by Emporium collaborator and Pratchett cover artist David Wyatt.
Each bookmark features a nifty tab so that each character can stand atop your books, and a beautiful scene printed on both sides - display them all together or match yours with appropriate Pratchett titles for extra thematic dimension to your Discworld collection!

Lord Vetinari (& Wuffles)
Nanny Ogg (& Greebo)
Sam Vimes
Moist Von Lipwig

Each bookmark measures approx 50 x 195mm, printed on heavyweight laminated card.

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