LBE Season Ticket

Avoid missing out on those popular limited editions with the purchase of an LBE Season Ticket! Choose from 6 or 11 issues and we'll reserve one of every LBE each time a new edition is released for the duration of your ticket!

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  • THE LBE SEASON TICKET IS RESERVATION SERVICE ONLY - Although your LBEs will be banked for you, we are unable to dispatch them automatically, which is why we don't charge postage for the initial purchase of a ticket.
  • DISPATCH REQUEST FEE: To release your reserved Season Ticket LBEs please purchase a Dispatch Request by selecting from the postage options in the drop-down menu above, or simply include a request note with any subsequent orders for no extra charge. This is a per-shipment fee and will need to be done every time you wish to obtain a reserved edition, otherwise we will send all accumulated LBEs in one go when your season ticket expires.
  • Your ticket will begin with the next available issue. Season Tickets cannot be backdated.
  • If you already hold season ticket, but would like to purchase another please include a note stating whether you would like them to run additionally or consecutively. We'll send an advisory note along with any accumulated LBEs when your ticket expires.
  • Single season tickets cannot be used to obtain multiple LBEs of the same edition
  • When your season tickets expires any waiting LBEs will be sent together with an advisory note to inform you of ticket expiration. We ask that Season ticket holders make a record of their tickets and the LBEs received.
  • Renewals need to be made promptly as we cannot provide back issues.

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