The 'By Jingo!' LBE

Official assortment of Discworld Stamps featuring TWO new issue celebrating the 20th anniversary year of Terry Pratchett's Jingo!

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Terry Pratchett's 21st Discworld book turns 20 this year, and we're celebrating this literary military milestone with TWO new Discworld Stamp issues! Ankh-Morpork's short-lived war with Klatch is represented by two stamps separated by the circle sea, a high-flying Klatchian issue and a nautical but nice Morporkian offering.

   Each LBE (Little Brown Envelope, a lucky dip assortment of current Discworld Stamps) contains the erroneously named 6p 'Prid of Ankh-Morpork' featuring the flagship of the Morporkian fleet, while Klatch rises above this jingoistic show of naval nationalism with an airborne appearance - the 20 Wol Airmail 'Flying Carpet' issue!

A generous scattering of sport variants and rarities awaits inside lucky envelopes, including
The coveted $5 Temple of Small Gods Blue Triangle, Clacks-o-grams and Dead Letter labels are waiting to be found in lucky envelopes.

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