Going Postal Stamp Set

A souvenir set of postage stamps from Terry Pratchett's Discworld, featuing issues from the Ankh-Morpork Post Office and the pages of Going Postal, to stamps from far-flung reaches of the Disc. Presented in a vintage letterpress-printed envelope - the ideal gift for any Going Postal nut!

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Each starter pack contains a selection of Discworld Stamps, a historical overview of the Discworld Stamp story, and a contents guide to help aspiring Stanley Howlers identify their new additions to their stamp collection!.

A-M Penny Patrician
A-M Halfpenny Post Office
A-M 2p Coat of Arms
A-M $1 Tower of Art
Big Cabbage Halfpenny
Krull 1 Flot
Fourecks 1 Squid
Llamedos 1 Ffyrling
A-M $1 Vimes
League of Temperance 6p
Ohulan Cutash 1 Crown
Fools’ Guild 3p
Watch House 3p
Agatean 2 Rhinu
Soul Cake Duck Penny

Please note; due to the limited lifespan of Discworld Stamps the contents of Starter Packs are subject to change. The images shown should be considered as guidance only and do not reflect the contents listed in the product description above.

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