The Discworld Stamps 15th Anniversary LBE

A special 'Little Brown Envelope' celebrating 15 years of Going Postal and Discworld Stamps!
This limited edition assortment of Discworld Stamps includes the stunning 'Penny Pratchett' issue featuring an exquisite nee portrait of The Creator Sir Terry Pratchett by master draughtsman Brian Delf.

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Each LBE contains THREE Penny Pratchett stamps - created in a variety of birthday hues - along with an
assortment of current Discworld Stamps and a generous scattering of sport variants and rarities - Will you find the 'Penny Pratchett Black'?!  

A coveted $5 New Ankh Station Blue Triangle sport awaits a lucky stamp collector, along with a generous sprinkling of Clacks-o-grams and Dead Letter labels waiting to be found in lucky envelopes!

Each new stamp is also available to purchase in beautiful whole sheets:

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    Limited Edition!

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