The Wee Free Men Gift Edition

A brand new hardback edition of Terry Pratchett’s thirtieth Discworld book and first Tiffany Aching adventure, featuring witches, bad fairies, Feegles and new artwork by Paul Kidby - CRIVENS!

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A special edition of Terry Pratchett's wonderful The Wee Free Men, with a new cover illustration of the fearless and feisty Tiffany Aching by Discworld artist Paul Kidby.

The Wee Free men is one of our favourite Terry Pratchett books, and tells the story of young witch Tiffany Aching's adventures in fairyland, a place that is far from a fairytale.

With the help of a frying pan, common sense, and a band of wild Pictsies - the Nac Mac Feegle - Tiffany must do battle with monsters, rescue her brother from the clutches of the Queen of the Elves and save the Chalk!

Terry Pratchett's first Tiffany Aching Discworld book
Publisher: Random House Children's Publishers UK
ISBN: 9780857535450

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