A Discworld Stamp Glossary

Blue Triangle – Aptly named due to the triangular and blue nature of these rare issues. One of our rarest and most sought-after stamps. Only 500 of each edition is released and only ten sports. Extremely rare, and available only in lucky LBEs.


Common – a regular, standard issue stamp design, these generally tend to remain available for between 12 and 24 months.


Definitives – The first Discworld stamps as featured in Going Postal, akin to Royal Mail’s standard issues. Values include the 1/2p Post Office, Penny Patrician, 2p, 5p, 10p, $1 Tower of Art and 50p Cabbage Field. A new set of designs is issued at the start of each year.


FDC – A First Day Cover, or decorative envelope, usually limited edition. Released to celebrate a new issue or commemorate a special occasion. Features stamps, franks, and paper inserts with edition information.


Flatalist – A clever play or ‘pune’ on the word Philatelist. The name bequeathed by Terry Pratchett to Discworld philatelists.


Frank – An inked mark made by a hand stamp, used by postal offices to cancel stamps after use.


LBE – a Little Brown Envelope containing a random selection of Discworld Stamps, and the chance of sports, rarities and occasional prizes. A new edition is issued roughly once a month for every new stamp release, event, or special occasion.


Proof Sheet – A sheet created by a print firm to present stamp artwork for a client’s approval.


Selvedge – The bordering paper surrounding the stamps on a whole sheet. Often decorative anf retained attatched subject to personal preference.


Sport – A stamp with a deliberate or accidental mistake, usually appearing once on whole sheet of each Discworld Stamps and not available to purchase singly. Some sports, the $1 Tower of Art, or Blue Triangle for example, are only available in LBEs and are therefore considerably rare.