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    Sterling Silver

    Official sterling silver 'hat' pin featuring Terry Pratchett's iconic accessory -the legendary millinery of a literary mastermind!

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    Hardback + FREE Bookmark!

    A brand new hardback edition of Terry Pratchett’s thirtieth Discworld book and first Tiffany Aching adventure, featuring witches, bad fairies, Feegles and new artwork by Paul Kidby - CRIVENS!

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    The 2018 Discworld Calendar features the incredible artwork of Josh Kirby AND Paul Kidby with some of their best-loved and most iconic illustrations of Terry Pratchett's Discworld!

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    Official Discworld Figurine

    SQUEAK! Introducing the Death of Rats, AKA the Grim Squeaker! Death's diminutive sidekick is an 'EEK'-some addition to our range of official Discworld figurines!

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    The Turtle Moves!

    Celebrate the cult of Discworld and its divine creator with The Turtle Moves sticker - Terry Pratchett's own symbol of good taste in books and literature!

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    Illustrated by Joe McLaren!

    The Grim Squeaker, Discworld's diminutive reaper, is the star of this official new t-shirt for Terry Pratchett g-EEKs, featuring artwork by Joe McLaren, cover artist of the Discworld Collector's Library Books!

    £ 15.00
  • £ 25.00 PRE-ORDER - PUBLISHED 05/11

    Published 05/11/17

     A special collector's edition of fourteen festive short stories from Sir Terry Pratchett, featuring a naughty Santa Claus, an abominable snowman, and an a very amiable partridge in a pear tree!Published 05/11/17 - SHIPS ON DAY OF RELEASE!

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  • £ 35.00 PRE-ORDER - PUBLISHED 23/11


    The definitive collection of Discworld illustration by the one and only Mr. Paul Kidby! The Discworld Imaginarium brings together new and favourite imaginings from Terry Pratchett's incredible series of books .Published 23/11/17 - SHIPS ON DAY OF RELEASE!

    £ 35.00
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Welcome to the really rather famous Discworld Emporium!

For 25 years we were privileged to work with Sir Terry Pratchett to design, sculpt, paint, cast, print, animate and publish millions of little bits of Discworld that are real enough to touch.

We hope you enjoy browsing our ever-changing range of offerings - perhaps even treat yourself to a souvenir or memento of the books which have meant so much to so many.
Through every piece of our exclusive Discworld merchandise, we pride ourselves on carefully recreating the tone and ethos of Discworld. So hand over yer money or we'll kick you inna fork!

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