“…if your Mickey Mouse ears fall off, that nice Mr. Disney is not unduly perturbed. If someone buys a Discworld t-shirt and the colours run in the wash, I am the person who gets the email.”

- Terry Pratchett, Science Fiction Book Club interview 1996.

Welcome to the Discworld Emporium - the original bricks & mortar Discworld shop - founded by Sir Terry Pratchett and Bernard & Isobel Pearson in the bewitching county of Somerset, land of cheese and cider apples.

From creating the first ever Discworld merchandise as Clarecraft in 1991, we've strived to create authentic tributes to his incredible body of work, studying the books with great care and ensuring our wares met with the creator's strict approval.

At the Discworld Emporium we design, paint, sculpt, cast, print, and collaborate with renowned artists, illustrators and craftsmen, from Paul Kidby to Birmingham’s finest jewellers, to produce original Discworld goods of the highest quality – souvenirs from the books that have meant so much to so many.

When you visit the Emporium you’ll be at the heart of a fandom, treading where the author himself wandered, brandy glass in hand, a place where cunning plans were hatched, sparks of magic were made, and friendships forged between author, fans and makers.


We had the enormous honour of working with Sir Terry Pratchett for over 20 years, beginning with the creation of the first ever Discworld merchandise as Clarecraft in 1991.

In those early days Discworld merchandise was a rare and limited beast. In an interview with GameSpot UK, Terry said: “Usually when people have a really big series they franchise it, which I thought is a bit of a no-no, so I thought what I'd do is I'd franchise it to myself.”

Throughout Terry Pratchett’s career Discworld merchandise remained very much a cottage industry. Not being one for grand commercial pursuits, Terry entrusted his merchandise to a small band of close friends and associates including ourselves, Paul Kidby, Josh Kirby, PJSM Prints and Stephen Briggs.

Although Terry’s priority was, of course, writing books, he maintained a passionate interest and active role in the creation of Discworld wares, overseeing our designs, nipping, tucking or adding a sprinkle of magic where he saw fit. If Terry wanted something made, or had an idea for a product or companion publication, then we would create it to his vision and exacting standards - Terry would insist on the finest craftsmanship to achieve a level of authenticity deserving of his fans – a principle we continue to strive for to this day.


The Emporium opened its doors under Terry’s patronage in 2000, long before geek culture exploded into the mainstream, when experiences and events dedicated to franchises and fandoms were few. It rather tickled him to help establish a shop dedicated to his books, a place where his fans could meet, mingle and celebrate Discworld, often with the author himself.

With so much Discworld in one place thaumic contamination soon began seeping into our surroundings, and in 2002 Wincanton was officially twinned with Ankh-Morpork in the world's first ever town twinning with a fictional place. In 2007 Discworld was put on the map, quite literally, when Terry opened a new housing development in the town which bears Discworld street names including Treacle Mine Road and Peach Pie Street. Terry also established the Emporium as the official Ankh-Morpork Consulate providing passports and safe haven for denizens of Discworld, and as an official branch of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office on the publication of Going Postal.

From our beginnings creating figurines and models, our small corner of Discworld has grown to welcome visitors from all over the world, offering a treasure trove of books, merchandise and ephemera that make Discworld real enough to touch.


Over the years we enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with Terry on an array of Discworld publications, working with publishing giants Orion and Transworld to co-author and provide illustration, art direction, editorial and production services. Our publications include The Unseen University Cut-Out Book, The Discworld Almanak, The Compleat Ankh-Morpork, The World of Poo, Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook, The Compleat Discworld Atlas, and the Discworld Diaries 2015 - 2017.

Our design work can be seen in the official Discworld App from Transworld, in the Ankh-Morpork and The Witches board games from Treefrog and in the 2001 mass market edition of Thud! the great game. 

Terry also enlisted us to create everything from film props to exclusive gifts and ephemera for book releases and DVD's, including banknotes for Making Money, stamps for Going Postal, and even traditional cigarette cards for Unseen Academicals.


As the turtle swims towards an exciting new chapter in the Discworld story and the ripples of Terry Pratchett’s legacy spread further and wider, we aim to preserve the heritage of the Discworld fandom and community, and continue the legacy of crafting souvenirs from this rich and multidimensional world in accordance with the standards set by Terry himself. Under the command of brand guardians Narrativia - the production company set up by Terry to ensure the protection and legacy of his work - the Emporium hopes to continue greeting Discworld fans from all over the globe and sending precious parcels of Discworld merchandise to all corners, nooks and crannies of the roundworld long into the future.

Meet the Team!

Bernard Pearson

Founder and Company Janitor

Isobel Pearson

Founder and Designated Grown-up

Ian Mitchell

MD and Creative Scrote

Reb Voyce

Director and Chief Cat-herder

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