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Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series comprises of a staggering 41 novels, 32 years in the making. The Discworld itself grew to become one of the most richly detailed and inventive fantasy worlds in the history of the written word. If you’re looking for a one-book-stand, any of the stories can be enjoyed immensely in isolation, but if you’re going to make the most of your exploration into the Discworld we’ve devised this helpful little guide to help you plan your attack...

CHRONOLOGICALLY  - The obvious route is to read the books in order of publication. Readers will see the saga unfold as it was told, a purist's pursuit with the added bonus of seeing Terry’s structure, voice and tone develop over the span of his career.  Readers choosing this path are warned that although some of Terry’s finest work was achieved in his early days, the tone of Discworld and its inhabitants changes quickly. When first he wrote The Colour of Magic in 1983, you’d have to call him optimistic to expect 40 bestselling sequels. Indeed, he referred to the first couple of books as 'Essays in the craft'.

ONE-BOOK-STAND – If you’re looking to dip a toe into the world of Pratchett, with no strings attached, we’ve a little list of suggestions to help you get under the cover.

THEMATICALLY – Many of Terry’s characters became so beloved that they spawned their own series within the Discworld saga. Here we offer you a list of novels grouped by their main characters. Readers selecting this route will enjoy a deep and uninterrupted relationship with some of fantasy’s finest protagonists.

FOR YOUNGER READERS – It has been brought to our attention that some people, through no fault of their own, are ‘young’.  This selection has been put together to reflect this fact.

COMPANION BOOKS – Suggested for any reader, this selection of off-shoots, companions and maps will enrich your Discworld journey further.


The Discworld Novels (in chronological order by publication date):


If you’re looking to dip a toe into Discworld before you dive right in, we suggest considering some of the following titles. We warn you however, that these can be described as ‘gateway books’ and may lead to serious addiction.

The following titles may appeal particularly to certain areas of interest:


The main Discworld novels collected in their major character groups. Although many characters make cameo appearances throughout the series, these books centre heavily around…

Terry didn't believe in talking down to young people. May contain material encouraging independent thought, tolerance and mindfulness...

A wealth of off-shoots, companions books and maps that will enrich your Discworld journey further...

Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook (with The Discworld Emporium)

The Art of The Discworld (with Paul Kidby)

The Pratchett Portfolio (with Paul Kidby)

The Josh Kirby Poster Book (with Josh Kirby)

The Josh Kirby Discworld Portfolio (with Josh Kirby)

The Unseen University Cut Out Book (with Bernard Pearson & Alan Batley)

The Folklore of Discworld (with Jacqueline Simpson)

The Science of The Discworld (With Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen)

The Science of the Discworld II; The Globe (With Ian and Jack)

Some of Terry's non-Discworld novels...

These lists are by no means exhaustive. To list all of the playscripts, diaries, calendars, short stories, screenplays and rarities that have been available throughout the years would have us reaching for the Dried Frog Pills.
At least this selection should keep you out of trouble for a while. 

The opinions expressed on this page are just that. Everyone's journey is different, everyone enjoys Terry's work in different ways. Just remember that the journey doesn't end with the books - there's a thriving online Discworld community, events all over the world,  our quaint little forum and, of course, there's always the pictures painted on the inside of your eyelids!

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