Treat yourself to an icon of Ankh-Morpork street cuisine - with ketchup & no green wobbly bits!!
Fresh from Gimlet’s Hole Food Delicatessen, this favourite among discerning dwarfs is made from 100% free-range & locally sourced ingredients (aka plush!) - an ideal addition to any Hogswatch feast or stocking!

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At the Discworld Emporium, we pride ourselves on producing things of great beauty, craftsmanship and cunning. We also pride ourselves on making great dead rats with sticks up their bums!

For a true taste of Ankh-Morpork a visit to Gimlet's for a slice of humble rodent is not to be missed! Finally that most celebrated of snacks, the rat-onna-stick, is available for Discworld fans to savour at home! This fat-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free treat is also suitable for vegetarians and features finely embroidered ketchup, fully posable tail and authentic griddle marks. Our plush Rat-onna-Stick is possibly the BEST plush Rat-onna-Stick ever produced in any known multiverse.

‘If you buy only ONE food-based-dead-rat-with-a-stick-up-it’s-bum plush item this year, make it this one.’ – creators and perpetrators of crimes against cuddly toys, Messors Ian Mitchell and Bernard Pearson.

Measures 23cm nose to end of stick

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