Green Cabbage Trading Stamps

Regular collectors can exchange surplus Discworld Stamps for Green Cabbage Stamps, which can then be traded for exclusive stamps and ephemera!

Our downloadable form shows the amount of each Discworld Stamp required to exchange for ONE Green Cabbage Stamp;
Read the form carefully, print, complete and submit with your stamps to:

GCTS Dept. Discworld Emporium, 41 High Street, Wincanton, Somerset BA99JU


Once you’ve saved enough Green Cabbage Stamps, you can swap them for any of the items listed below – the amount of GCTS you’ll need to spend is listed alongside each item. Let us know which item/s you would like in a cover note along with your GCTS. If you have enough surplus stamps you are welcome to swap directly for any item  – just include an instruction on your submission form

Please note: The GCTS is separate from our mail order service and are fulfilled at our discretion. Processing times can therefore be considerably longer and we cannot combine GCTS requests with orders.
Due to the limited lifespan of Discworld Stamps exchange rates are regularly updated. Please ensure you are using the latest form for each submission.

Currently Available

The Golden Cabbage

The highest reward available to those brave few who partake in our Green Cabbage Trading Scheme. Becoming a member of the ‘Gold Cabbage club’ affords you the admiration of your peers and doubtless the consideration of many nubile young men/women. This is the highest valued Green Cabbage Trading Scheme item ever offered – for 100 GCTS stamps you will receive a single, solitary example of the Golden Edition Green Cabbage Stamp along with a certificate of authenticity signed by Bernard ‘The Cunning Artificer’ Pearson. When applying for your Golden Cabbage Stamp please provide us with the name you wish to appear on the certificate to denote the Golden Cabbages original owner – take care with spelling as any mistake may result in you having to change your name.

Available to trade for 100 Green Cabbage Stamps

Octarine Grass Country Double Sport Reject Sheet

Due to a quirk of quantum at the printing press, this erroneous sheet includes two different sports! Along with the usual ‘Death’ variant, a mysterious floating scythe has manifested in the field. Each sheet is unperfed and cancelled with the Teemer & Spools ‘Rejected’ stamp.

Available tor trade for 50 Green Cabbage Stamps

The Actors’ Guild Forgotten Penny

It may surprise you to learn that our Emporium designers are not the most organised people in the multiverse. Long ago, this glorious little stamp was designed, approved, printed and stored away in a ‘safe place’, there it lay, undisturbed and forgotten for over a year. Printed for The Year of The Justifiably Defensive Lobster, The Actors’ Guild Penny missed it’s moment in the limelight. We therefore humbly present a sheet of these forlorn mummers, printed on our stamp paper, but left imperforate, as the stamp that never happened. A little curio for your collection.

Available for 50 Green Cabbage Stamps.

The Campaign for Equal Heights 4p Sheet

Another little stamp that never was from the Campaign for Equal Heights, a charity issue in recognition of Ankh-Morpork’s differently tall community. 
This imperforate sheet is exclusive to the GCTS!

Available for 50 Green Cabbage Stamps.