Discworld Beermats - Inns & Taverns

Add a touch of Discworld and literary flair to your drinking habit with a set of traditional letterpress beermats featuring famous inns, taverns and watering holes from Ankh-Morpork and beyond!

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These characterful coasters are perfect for the barbecue season and the ideal accompaniment to your Discworld Ales.
Each set includes a souvenir from The Pink Pussycat Club, Biers, The Bucket, The Cavern Club, The Goat and Bush and of course, The Mended Drum!
Traditionally letterpress printed by our very own Teemer & Spools to evoke an authentic spirit of a Discworld boozer - just add beer and a bar fight!

Each beermat measures 105 x 148mm

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    £ 30.00
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