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Dodger (Paperback)
Dodger (Paperback)
Dodger (Paperback)
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Terry Pratchett’s celebrated tale of a plucky sewer scavenger and his adventures in Dickensian London. This Victorian adventure stars a cast of very important people to keep watch over our hero in a non-Discworld book that Discworld fans will love!

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Daring Dodger is a Tosher and a Street Urchin, an underground hero who saves a young girl from a brutal attack. This act of kindness does not go unnoticed by London’s elite, and Dodger’s life takes some dark twists and turns – darker and twistier than the sewers he calls home. Terry Pratchett’s Dickensian adventure is a standalone book that Discworld fans will love, featuring a cast of characters from Victorian London including Robert Peel, Joseph Bazaljett, Henry Mayhew, Sweeney Todd, Charles Dickens and Angela Burdett-Coutts.

Publisher: Random House Children’s Publishers UK
ISBN: 9780552563147