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LBE Season Ticket
LBE Season Ticket
LBE Season Ticket
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LBE Season Ticket

Avoid missing out on those popular limited editions with the purchase of an LBE Season Ticket! Choose from 6 or 11 issues and we’ll reserve one of every LBE each time a new edition is released for the duration of your ticket! Please read the information below to learn more about how the LBE Season Ticket service works…

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Because we are such a tiny team, the season ticket is a reservation service only and we do not ship reserved LBES on release. To obtain your reserved LBES we can include them in subsequent orders if requested via the comments box, or alternatively a small postage fee can be purchased from the drop-down menu on this page which will release any LBES that are waiting for you!



  • THE LBE SEASON TICKET IS RESERVATION SERVICE ONLY – Although your LBEs will be banked for you, we are unable to dispatch them automatically, which is why we don’t charge postage for the initial purchase of a ticket!
  • A new LBE is released approximately once per month, though not on a particular date – be sure to sign up for our newsletter for release news!
  • DISPATCH REQUEST FEE: To release your reserved Season Ticket LBEs please purchase a Dispatch Request from the options above, or simply include a request note with any subsequent orders for no extra charge. The fee is a per-shipment charge and will need to be done every time you wish to obtain a reserved edition, otherwise we will send all accumulated LBEs in one go when your season ticket expires. The cost for a dispatch fee is one penny, plus a shipping fee.
  • We do not hold a digital record of your ticket. When you purchase a ticket, we create a file for you the old-fashioned way on a paper filing system. You will only receive the usual confirmation and invoice for your order, but no further updates about the status of your ticket. We recommend keeping your own record of the number LBEs you have received, but please contact us and our own Miss Maccalariat will gladly help you out should you have any questions about your subscription!
  • Your ticket will begin with the next available issue. Season Tickets cannot be backdated.
  • If you already hold season ticket, but would like to purchase another please include a note stating whether you would like them to run additionally or consecutively. We’ll send an advisory note along with any accumulated LBEs when your ticket expires.
  • Single season tickets cannot be used to obtain multiple LBEs of the same edition
  • When your season tickets expires any waiting LBEs will be sent together with an advisory note to inform you of ticket expiration. We ask that Season ticket holders make a record of their tickets and the LBEs received.
  • Renewals need to be made promptly as we cannot provide back issues.