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Sourcery (Paperback)
Sourcery (Paperback)
Sourcery (Paperback)
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Terry Pratchett’s fifth Discworld adventure is bursting with magic. Lots of it. Ankh-Morpork’s ancient Unseen University is in the hands of a wizard squared- a sourcerer with more power than any young lad should be trusted with. Can Rincewind save the UU and indeed the Discworld from another mage war?


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The Unseen University is suffering a serious case of sourcery in Terry Pratchett’s fifth Discworld book.
The eighth son of an eighth son of an eighth son with a particularly power-hungry staff is determined to change the face of the UU, and the entire world in fact, but this young sourcerer is not the all-poweful pinnacle of wizardry the faculty had hoped for. With the Discworld under threat (again) there is only one man who can save it, by transporting the Archancellor’s hat to safety with the help of a hair-dressing barbarian, the Luggage, and the University’s long-limbed Librarian! Will Rincewind save the day?

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9780552166638