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The Discworld Almanack | Terry Pratchett Books| Maps & Companions
The Discworld Almanak
The Discworld Almanak
The Discworld Almanak
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The Discworld Almanak

A veritable Cornucopia of advice, direction and wisdom for citizens of Ankh-Morpork and surrounding areas, written by Terry Pratchett and Discworld Emporium’s own Bernard Pearson, illustrated by Paul Kidby!

“Where would we be without it” – Havelock Vetinari


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An invaluable accessory to the Discworld canon, Terry Pratchett joins forces with the Discworld Emporium founder Bernard Pearson to produce the definitive Almanak to the Common Year of the Prawn, for the city of Ankh-Morpork and surrounding areas & benefices. Here you will find a compendium to all local knowledge and a boon companion in affairs of the heart, notes on Husbandry, fertility of crops & livestock, physic matters, fairs & marts, and other such information as will render this Publication a staunch companion to the Discworld denizen whether wizard, watchman or tiller of soil. Includes homemade remedies for common ailments, recipes, horoscopes, scientific discoveries, a calendar, strange tales and many valuable facts about the cabbage with contributions from a plethora of familiar Discworld characters. With witty illustrations from Paul Kidby, this is an artistically presented package guaranteed to tickle the funny bone of all Pratchett fans.
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9780385606837