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Ultimate Discworld Companion: Dunmanifestin Edition | Terry Pratchett
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The Ultimate Discworld Companion – Dunmanifestin Edition

Your ultimate guide to the entire Discworld from The Colour of Magic to The Shepherd’s Crown and everything in between!
Presented in a beautiful slipcase and bound in an exclusive foil-embossed cover this spectacular edition includes more incredible content and extra artwork  and an exclusive print with every copy!


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If you want help telling your watchman from your wizard, your Octarine from your Octavo, or your Klatchian coffee from your peach corniche then look no further – The Ultimate Discworld Companion is an encyclopaedia of Discworld’s characters, concepts, creatures and countries from witches to watchmen from Ankh-Morpork to Zemphis!

This definitive edition has been created by Discworld archivist, playwright and cartographer Stephen Briggs with master illustrator Paul Kidby, and manifested by Dunmanifestin, the official publishing house for the The works of Terry Pratchett.

Presented in a beautiful slipcase this rather luxurious edition also includes expanded entries and information covering the events of The Science of Discworld series, additional full-colour artwork, and exclusive brand-new illustrations. This extraordinary encyclopaedia is the most comprehensive guide to Discworld EVER, and the ‘ultimate’ companion to your Discworld library.