The Discworld Reading Order

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series comprises of a staggering 41 novels, 32 years in the making

The Discworld itself grew to become one of the most richly detailed and inventive fantasy worlds in the history of the written word. If you’re looking for a one-book-stand, any of the stories can be enjoyed immensely in isolation, but if you’re going to make the most of your exploration into the Discworld we’ve devised this helpful little guide to help you plan your attack…

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Ways to read Discworld



Introductory Books

Companion Books

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These lists are by no means exhaustive. To list all of the playscripts, diaries, calendars, short stories, screenplays and rarities that have been available throughout the years would have us reaching for the Dried Frog Pills. At least this selection should keep you out of trouble for a while.

The opinions expressed on this page are just that. Everyone’s journey is different, everyone enjoys Terry’s work in different ways. Just remember that the journey doesn’t end with the books – there’s a thriving online Discworld community, events all over the world, our quaint little forum and, of course, there’s always the pictures painted on the inside of your eyelids!