Terry Pratchett's poignantly wise and witty adventure story of a brave new nation forged in a world turned upside down...

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A giant wave has destroyed The Nation. Young survivor Mau must work together with Daphne, a shipwrecked Governor's daughter, to survive alone in a tropical disaster zone. Trouble is, they don't speak the same language and have nothing in common to make their plight any easier. Terry Pratchett's poignant tale of survival against the odds is a standalone book that plots a remarkable 
 journey from childhood to adulthood as our protagonists forge and watch over the birth of a new nation. Written shortly after his diagnosis with PCA, the author - himself a creator of nations - picked Nation as one of favourite books of all those that he had ever written. It is truly a book that turns the world upside down.

Publisher: Random House Children's Publishers UK
ISBN: 9780552557795

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