The Death of Rats Figurine

Introducing the Death of Rats, AKA the Grim Squeaker! Death's diminutive sidekick is an 'EEK'-some addition to our range of official Discworld figurines!

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Incarnated in the page of Reaper Man, the Death of Rats is a recurring favourite character throughout Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. How could we resist adding a little 'SQUEAK' to our range of figurines?!

Sculpted by the artist behind our A'Tuin and Luggage pieces, Rich Kingston, Terry Pratchett's pint-sized usher of souls is produced in a glorious antique bronze finish, hand cast and finished by our team of local craftsmen. The Death of Rats (& other small rodents) will stand proudly yet mischievously on your bookshelf and safeguard your Discworld collection for generations to come!

The Death of Rats stands approx. 185mm high and features our makers’ mark inset on the base with scythe included separately for safe delivery!


The Death of Rats is crafted in the highest quality bronze resin, filled and coated with real micro-fine powdered bronze. As with all precious bronze sculptures, it will need no particular extra care other than the occasional dust but will benefit from a gentle wax polish once a year or two to retain his cheeky glint.

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