'I ATE'NT DEAD' Necklace

Granny Weatherwax's iconic borrowing sign recreated as a silver pendant and chain - a precious and essential accessory for any aspiring witch!!

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The feegles call her the 'Hag O' Hags', the dwarfs 'She Who Must Be Avoided', but we know her best as Esmerelda Weatherwax: Discworld's most formidible practitioner of headology.
 Created by our award-winning silversmiths, jewellers to the Terry Pratchett Estate, in the historic workshops of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, our enduring tribute to Granny has been hand-crafted so that no one pendant is precisely the same, and stamped with the Discworld and sterling silver hallmarks on the reverse. Presented in a Discworld Emporium gift box.

Pendant measures approx 25 x 22mm, necklace (end to end) measures 47cm

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