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The B.S. Johnson 1p | Terry Pratchett's Discworld | Stamps
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The B.S. Johnson 1p

Official Discworld Stamp honouring the inverted genius of  Bergholt Stuttley “Bloody Stupid” Johnson, and his physics-baffling landscapes, landmarks and inventions From Empirical Crescent to the Postal Sorting Engine!

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 Official Discworld Stamp honouring the notorious inventor and architect, Bergholt Stuttley “Bloody Stupid” Johnson. His Ineptitude has led to our gratitude (and unfortunately quite a few casualties too), for his infamous inventions and landmarks that have become renowned for all the wrong reasons, defying the laws of physics included.

Traditionally printed on authentic gummed stamp paper & perforated by hand. Available singly or in beautiful whole sheets for decoration or collection.

Stamp measures 32 x 44mm, Sheet measures 163 x 224mm

Spot the sport! One stamp on every sheet contains a ‘deliberate’ mistake or variation – only included on whole sheets or in lucky LBEs