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Sto Helit Penny Sprout | Terry Pratchett's Discworld | Stamps
Sto Helit Penny
Sto Helit PennySto Helit PennySto Helit Penny
Sto Helit PennySto Helit PennySto Helit Penny
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Sto Helit PennySto Helit Penny
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The Sto Helit Penny Sprout

The Sto Helit 1p is a lovely little regional Discworld Stamp celebrating the Sprout Centre of Excellence! Traditionally printed in Ankh-Morpork for the City and Duchy famed for its cabbage-based economy!

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Official Discworld Stamp from the heart of Discword’s cabbage trade, the Sto Helit Penny issue features an illustration of the the Sto Plains’ green gold, the sprout! This charming issue is traditionally printed on authentic gummed stamp paper & perforated by hand.

Stamp measures approximately 36 x 28mm, Sheet measures 190 x 129mm

Spot the sport! One stamp on every sheet contains a ‘deliberate’ mistake or variation – only included on whole sheets or in lucky LBEs