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Model: The original Discworld board game!

As Vetinari's game of choice, Thud became the central theme to Terry Pratchett's 34th Discworld novel Thud!, made a cameo appearance in Sky One's film adaptations and is enjoyed by thousands of Discworld fans and gamers across the world.

Based on the ancient struggle between Dwarf and Troll, Thud is a game of two halves. Players take turns to play the fast moving Dwarfs as they attempt to trap Trolls in a carefully constructed ambush, only to then take the part of the fearless Trolls who lumber slowly yet powerfully around the board. You can learn to play in a matter of minutes, and no two games are ever the same.

Contained within a cotton travel bag, each set comprises 32 Dwarfs, 8 Trolls, a Thud stone,Thud board, rulebook and an exclusive treatise penned especially for Thud by Terry Pratchett himself. Also included are rules for Koom Valley Thud, a high speed version of the game.

The screenprinted heavyweight cotton board measures 47 x 47cm. The pieces are inspired by the Lewis Chessmen and are cast in resin with a carved bone effect finish. Dwarfs stand 35mms tall and Trolls stand at 62mms.

Thud was devised by Trevor Truran and is produced officially and exclusively under licence of the Discworld Emporium. For reviews and discussions visit the Thud pages on BoardGameGeek.com: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/4532/thud

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