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The Unreal Guide to Unseen University | Terry Pratchett | Maps
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The Unreal Guide to Unseen University

Explore Unseen University with our indispensable guide to Discworld’s premier college of  magic! This double-sided, fold-out vade mecum features a host of essential information for the prospective student, along with a sumptuously illustrated map, spectacularly rendered by David Wyatt!



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From Sator Square to The Tower of Art, explore the buildings and grounds of Unseen University, Discworld’s foremost magical educational establishment, and in our opinion the finest and funniest school of wizardry in literature!

This giant map of wizardly proportions is an essential aid for prospective students of the magical arts, and anybody likely to get lost on campus. And lets, face it, getting lost in the bowels of the UU could be quite a time-consuming or, at worst, terminal affair. What a boon then to visitors, students and scholars alike to have this indispensable guide to hand!

One side features a glorious full-colour rendition of Unseen University and environs, while the reverse offers a superbly detailed written tour and guide to the University’s rules, traditions, features and facilities. Read it like a broadsheet paper as only the discerning wizard might.

This enormous map folds out to measure 100 x 89cm, and is presented in a suitably lavish foil-blocked map sleeve with plenty of gold, gold, gold!

This grand depiction is based on the original model by Bernard ‘The Cunning Artificer’ Pearson, which was sculpted under the watchful eye of Sir Terry Pratchett in 1991, and is the definitive depiction of this iconic location. Our map was created under the watchful eye of Bernard, so if you don’t have the good fortune or square footage to own one of the original models, here’s an Unseen University that can be conveniently  or folded up and put on your bookshelf, or stored in the pocket of your robe!

Exclusively produced for The Discworld Emporium. Images not to scale.