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The Faculty of Unseen University Print | Terry Pratchett's Discworld
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The Faculty of Unseen University Print

Enjoy an unforgettable image of the Unseen University faculty with this iconic iconograph of the greatest assembly of wizards on the Disc (according to the UU), illustrated by that most talented imp with a paintbrush, David Wyatt! . . .


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Everybody say ‘Cheese’! The staff of Unseen University have gathered in the grounds of Ankh-Morpork’s ancient seat of learning and Discworld’s foremost magical educational establishment for their iconograph!

This spectacular artwork features your favourite wizards and wizzards including Ridcully and Rincewind, plus the luggage, librarian and all the loyal kitchen and grounds staff that are vital to the life and breath of the UU . . . not to mention the provision of all the pies. There are lots of details from Terry Pratchett’s wizards books to spot, plus a certain black hat that isn’t so pointy!

Satin finish lithographic print, produced on 200gsm archival paper. Print size (including border) measures 69 x 50.8cm approx. Shipped rolled in a sturdy postal tube. (frame not included, they don’t roll very well – shown for presentation purposes only).

About the artist… 
David Wyatt has illustrated covers for the Amazing Maurice, The Carpet People and Bromeliad trilogy as well as numerous Discworld calendars, and book covers for the likes of Neil Gaiman, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jasper Fforde, Philip Pullman and Kieren Larwood.