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Night Watch – NEW cover edition

Truth! Justice! Freedom! Reasonable Priced Love! And a Hard-Boiled Egg!
Thanks to a glitch in time, Sam Vimes has a new role and old shoes to fill. The Patrician is a madman, men are dying (and undying) in the streets and the scent of lilac is heavy in the air. Will our hero be able to save the Streets of Ankh-Morpork from tyranny and thwart an elusive murderer… and will he ever get his egg?


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The ‘Glorious’ twenty-fifth of May is an important, sombre day in Ankh-Morpork – the anniversary of one of the city’s bloodiest rebellions.

But crime stops for nothing, as Commander Sam Vimes of the City Watch knows. When a notorious serial killer emerges from hiding, the chase leads the Watch to the roofs of Unseen University where a magical storm is brewing. It’s a case of wrong place, very wrong time.

But Vimes must survive, because he has a job to do: track down the murderer and change the outcome of the revolution, and get back to the future before his wife gives birth, of course.

All in a day’s work . . .

This striking paperback edition features artwork by Leo Nickolls with elements of Paul Kidby’s iconic cover artwork.

Night Watch is the twenty-ninth book in the Discworld canon (but you can read the Discworld novels in any order!).

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781804990667