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Soul Music – NEW cover edition

In Terry Pratchett’s sixteenth Discworld novel, Death’s granddaughter Susan Sto Helit takes charge of the family business, and has to face the music . . .  and it’s got sex, drugs and music with rocks in (well, one out of three ain’t bad)!


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Susan has a Death in the family . . . he rides a white horse and wields a scythe. Now she must take up the tools of her grandfather’s trade to face and addicting new music that has entered Discworld. It’s lawless. It changes people. It’s called Music With Rocks In. It’s got a beat you can dance to . . . it’s very much alive, and it won’t fade away.

This striking paperback edition features artwork by Leo Nickolls with elements of Paul Kidby’s iconic cover artwork.

Reaper Man is the third book in the Death series and sixteenth in the Discworld canon (but you can read the Discworld novels in any order!).

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd.
ISBN: 9781804990353