Only You Can Save Mankind

"YOU are the SAVIOUR of Civilisation.
You are all that stands between your world and Certain Oblivion.
You are the Last Hope.

Only You Can Save Mankind!™"

Press play and get your game on with the first book in Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell series!

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"Action-Packed with New Features! Just like the Real Thing!"

...but it's not just a game.

Terry Pratchett's intergalactic adventure is the first Johnny Maxwell book - a rip-roaring tale of unlikely alien encounters in game space! Available in two different cover editions. 


"Should an author change a book that was published years ago? It's not usual; a book's a done and finished thing, a sort of picture of the time in which it was written. No one expects Tom Sawyer to have a skateboard (sigh . . . but I expect he'll be given one, one day . . .) So I haven't made very many alterations to this book. There's no point in giving your dad a pair of New Rocks, pushing him into the mosh pit and trying to pretend he's 14 *. . .

*For anyone reading this in 2024: New Rocks were a cool boot that was a cross between footwear and an armoured car, cool in 2004 (and maybe they still are) . . ."

Terry Pratchett
2004, updated 2013

Publisher: Random House Children's Publishers UK
 Paul Kidby Cover ISBN: 9780552551038
Mark Beech: Cover ISBN: 9780552576796

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