Johnny and the Bomb - New Cover Edition

The final instalment in Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell adventure trilogy... and this time it's WAR! The town of Blackbury is caught in the Blitz, and thanks to a shopping trolley with special powers, so is our hero Johnny Maxwell! Can Johnny and his pals save the town from annihilation?

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It's the Blackberry Blitz! Thanks to a run-in with a bag lady and her time-travelling shopping trolley, Johnny Maxwell and friends venture into the past, where their hometown is in the grip of war. Terry Pratchett's third Johnny Maxwell book is a real BLAST, featuring cover and spot illustrations by Mark Beech, cover artist for Dragons at Crumbling Castle, The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner, Father Christmas's Fake Beard and the most recent editions of The Bromeliad Trilogy and The Carpet People!

This book means quite a lot to the Discworld Emporium, as Terry dedicated it to our esteemed founder Bernard Pearson:

"I would like to thank the Meteorological Office, the Royal Mint and my old friend Bernard Pearson -
who, if he doesn't know something, always knows a man who does  - for their help in the research of this book. When historical details are wrong, it's my fault for not listening. But who knows what really happened in the other leg of the Trousers of Time?"
- Terry Pratchett

Publisher: Random House Children's Publishers UK
ISBN: 9780552576789

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