The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

Thanks to snacking on magical waste behind the Unseen University, Ankh-Morpork's intelligent rodents are up to mischief in a new town, aided by a piper called Keith and a street-smart cat named Maurice! Terry Pratchett's Carnegie Medal-winning tale is one of our favourite Discworld stories for young readers and grown-ups alike! 

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When Maurice the cat, a stupid-looking kid and their merry band of intelligent rats hatch a money-making scheme in an unfamiliar town, our magically 'evolved' heroes have come to terms with their intelligence, and each other, in a war against persecution at the hands of the rat catchers...

In the sewers of Bad Blintz, Maurice, Darktan, Hamnock, Dangerous Beans, Sardines, Peaches and Keith find themselves against a Rat King, and a piper with 'real' magic up his sleeve. Terry Pratchett's award-winning twenty-eighth book in the Discworld series is an unapologetically unpatronising exploration of themes including courage, resilience, community, religion, persecution retribution and absolution. 

Publisher: Random House Children's Publishers UK
ISBN: 9780552562928

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