The Death of Rats T-Shirt

The Grim Squeaker, Discworld's diminutive reaper, is the star of this official new t-shirt for Terry Pratchett g-EEKs, featuring artwork by Joe McLaren, cover artist of the Discworld Collector's Library Books!

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We've teamed up with the EEK-ceedingly talented Joe McLaren to recreate one of our favourite characters on an exclusive unisex shirt! Joe is the artist behind the gorgeous Discworld Collector's Library edition book covers, along with our Turtle Moves T-Shirt and logo design!

This SQUEAK-some tee features Joe's exclusive illustration of the Grim Squeaker, screen printed with the finest quality inks for long-lasting definition. This sumptuously soft 100% cotton tee has a slim & tailored style for a flattering fit for all genders.

Please check your size carefully before ordering!

CHEST SIZE (INCHES) S: 34-36, M: 38-40, L: 42-44,  X Large: 46-48,  XXL: 50-52, XXXL: 54-56

**Tom wears size Large
Reb wears size Medium, and size Small to show difference in fit**

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