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Clacks: A Discworld Board Game
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Clacks: A Discworld Board Game – Collector’s Edition

 Clacks is back for 2022! Compete against your friends to claim the title of Fastest Clacks Operator on the line, or play as a team in a race against the Ankh-Morpork Post Office in a strategic family board game based on The Grand Trunk Company’s semaphore messaging system as featured in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series! This new revised edition from Backspindle Games includes new miniature playing pieces and four ways to play!

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The Grand Trunk Semaphore Company has revolutionized long-distance communications on the Discworld. Their semaphore system network of shuttered lamps on top of high towers covers most of the Unnamed Continent, but now old post system is fighting back! Driven by the determination of newly “volunteered” Post Master Moist Von Lipwig, the Ankh-Morpork Post Office has challenged the Clacks operators to a race from Ankh-Morpork to Genua!

This strategic table top Discworld board game is fun for the whole family, and the Collector’s Edition of Discworld Clacks can be played in four different ways! The first is a Cooperative game that recreates the race against the Post Office in the novel. Players must work together to send a message, one letter at a time before Moist von Lipwig reaches Genua. In addition, there are four ways you can increase the difficulty of this version of the play. The second is a competitive game where players try to outdo each other to become the fastest Clacks operator. Thirdly is a two-player race game, ideal for playing with younger gamers.  Finally, there is a brand new quick-fire game for 2 or more players called Goblin Glory.

The Collector’s Edition of Discworld Clacks also includes stunning miniatures of Moist von Lipwig on Boris, a Deep Dwarf, and twelve Clacks Towers.

 Contains rules for a player vs. player game, a co-operative race game against the Post Office, and a children’s introductory game.

  Suitable for ages 12+