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Discworld Travel Posters

Three iconic locations & landscapes from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld depicted in wonderful wall art for your homesteads and hovels! This artistic trio is reminiscent of retro Roundworld travel posters of the 1930’s, for a touch of nostalgia . . . with a fantasy twist!


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Everyone knows that a Terry Pratchett book is a ticket to an out-this-world vacation, so escape into Discworld and celebrate inter-universal travel with this set of three souvenir prints advertising the otherwordly charms of Uberwald, Lancre and of course the Big Wahoonie, Ankh-Morpork!

Illustrated by Rich Kingston of Young Rascal.

Each print measures A3 size – that’s 297 x 420mm

Exclusively produced on satin archival art papers for The Discworld Emporium. Images not to scale.