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Dodger | Collector's Library Edition | Terry Pratchett Books
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Dodger – Collector’s Library Edition

Join Dodger as he reaches from the gutter to the stars in Terry Pratchett’s Dickensian adventure for both children and grownups! Styled to match the fantastic Discworld Collector’s Library hardbacks, this beautiful new edition featuring cover illustration by Joe McLaren will look right at home in your Collector’s Library of Hardback Terry Pratchett books!


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Explore the streets and sewers of London with the artful Jack Dodger – hunter of treasure lost in the depths of London’s dirty drains, where the sewers give up lost treasure to those who dare! Dodger soon discovers that the filth lies not just beneath the streets when he comes to the aid of a young lady, and a whole load of dirty laundry unravels . . .

Dodger’s adventure leads to encounters the notables and notorious of Victorian London, such as Robert Peel, Joseph Bazaljett, Henry Mayhew, Sweeney Todd, Charles Dickens and Angela Burdett-Coutts – will Dodger conquer the giddy heights of Victorian society to solve the mystery of a missing girl rescued from the clutches of nefarious ne’er-do-wells ?

This beautiful of new edition of Terry Pratchett’s standalone book is truly one to treasure, with cover art by Joe McLaren and styled to complement the Discworld Collector’s Library, Nation, and The Bromeliad Trilogy Collector’s Library hardcover editions.

Publisher: Random House Children’s Publishers UK

ISBN: 9780241709337