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The Bolt-on Collection | Terry Pratchett | Collector's Library
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Unseen Academicals - Collector's Library Edition
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The Bolt-on Collection – Discworld Collector’s Library

Beautiful hardback editions of Terry Pratchett’s Bromeliad books, Good Omens & Nation in complementary covers to supplement your Discworld Collector’s Library, each featuring cover artwork by top-notch illustrator Joe McLaren!

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Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, Nation, Truckers, Diggers and Wings produced in matching covers to the Discworld Collector’s Library, and available here as a bolt-on set to accompany your Discworld novels! This complementary collection of brilliant books features stunning covers illustrated by Joe McLaren. Each set includes the following titles:

Good Omens


The Bromeliad Trilogy

PLEASE NOTE that the publishers, in their infinite wisdom, have produced this edition of Good Omens with a ‘smooth’ cover. It does not feature the linen textured finish of other titles in the Discworld Collector’s Library