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Catch That Rat! | The Amazing Maurice Game | Puzzles & Games
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Catch That Rat! – The Amazing Maurice Memory Game

Put your memory skills to the test in a challenge to match 25 character pairs and meet the cast of the Amazing Maurice film based on Terry Pratchett’s beloved Carnegie Medal winning Discworld novel! – the perfect gift for Terry Pratchett fans young and old . . .or anyone who loves a good card game!


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Get acquainted with the stars of from Terry Pratchett’s beloved Discworld novel The Amazing Maurice and his Educated rodents, from heroes like Keith, Malicia and Dangerous Beans, to villains like Boss Man and rat catchers Billy and Ron with this enchanting Discworld card game.

Follow the scheming street-cat Maurice and his band of rat-scammers to the town of Bad Blintz to meet fairytale-mad Malicia and some truly bad eggs! Get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding this town and learn all about Terry Pratchett’s crafty characters in this 50-card matching game with accompanying booklet for kids and grown-ups alike!

Each game includes an illustrated booklet identifying all the characters and telling their tales.

Presented in a strong & sturdy presentation box perfect for gifting and storage.

Publisher: Lawrence King/Hachette UK