Unseen University Diploma

Graduate from Discworld's most spellbinding educational establishment with a masters degree from the Unseen University! Choose from six subjects and become a bona fide wizard & master of magic! - a magical gift for any Terry Pratchett fan or aspiring wizard!

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Each set includes a suitably sumptuous certificate for your subject of choice and embossed with an octarine 'seal', a Graduate Declaration form to ensure that alumni leave Ankh-Morpork's foremost seat of learning with their education and university apparatus in a satisfactory state.

Whether you've flunked your finals or aced your exams, an Unseen University Diploma is the perfect gift for spellbinding scholars and enchanting alumni!!

+++Certificates are provided blank for you to fill in at home, but if you're buying as a gift we can personalise the diploma in our best handwriting, simply provide the name of the recipient via the personalisation tab above +++

The diploma measures 380 x 285mms

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