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Discworld Denizens - Unseen University | Terry Pratchett | Figurines
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Discworld Denizens – Unseen University Collection

A set of dinky Discworld figurines featuring larger than life characters from Ankh-Morpork’s Unseen University! Add a little character to your bookshelves with our stylised mini figures featuring Rincewind, the Luggage, Ridcully and the Librarian . . .


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Discworld Denizens – little figurines with BIG personalities from the badass to the gorblimey! This cast of collectibles captures the essence of each character, and the humour of Terry Pratchett’s brilliant books with their contemporary style and traditional finish.

The Unseen University Collection includes Rincewind the wizzard, the Luggage, Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully and the Librarian who are ready to safeguard your spellbooks (and chain them down if need be)!

Sculpted by fantasy artist Shaun Main to our own designs, Discworld Denizens are exclusive to the Discworld Emporium and produced in an antique bone-finish resin. These marvellous minis are also perfect for painting at home for those who enjoy customising their miniatures – scroll through the product images for an idea of how they can look fully painted!

+ Figure height measurements range from 5cm to 9cm tall. Presented in a Discworld Denizens gift box +